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"We The People of the Salinas Valley"

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At Elli's we believe food can represent much more than many give it credit to. Throughout time food has had an incredible impact on cultures. The world's greatest recipes are a representation of the specific adversities and triumphs of that culture. Food is so much more than a few ingredients thrown together; it's a amalgam of history, of celebrations, of hardships. 

We believe Ellis Island is the pinnacle of food culture. During the early 20th century millions of people left their homeland to come here, the United States. 


We are proud to offer a menu that represents a melting pot of culinary tastes brought by immigrants from around the world who arrived via Ellis Island. The recipes, many handed down from generation to generation, represent a cornucopia of cultures. Here at Elli's we prepare everything from scratch like the generations before us. When you're situated in the center of the Salinas Valley - a place known as America's Salad Bowl - people know a whole lot about good, fresh, food. That's why we make our own hamburger buns, sour cream, potato chips, and tortillas (among many other things). It's so we can make them a little better, a little more interesting, a little more Salinas Valley.

“You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.”

Paul Prudhomme

True Neapolitan style pizzas

Elli's pizzas begin with the pure simplicity of a crust made from super-fine Caputo 00 flour imported from Naples, which is blended with water, salt & yeast - nothing else. No oil, no sugar. Oh sure, it sounds easy except, these classic ingredients only yield their signature texture & flavor when fired in the ultra-hot, subtly smoky environment found in a wood-fired, brick oven, like the one here at Elli's.

Locally sourced organic greens

Being located in the Salinas Valley is a special thing for a restaurant. With the world's freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables growing in our backyard, you better believe we take advantage of it. All our of greens found at Elli's are locally sourced organic from right here in the Salinas Valley. We're proud of the ingredients this community creates, and we're proud to share these ingredients with you. 

Hand cut



The search for the perfect french fry is over. After years of research and development, here at Elli's we believe we've perfected the American classic. Using only the highest grade potatoes, hand-cut in-house. After 24 hours in a soaking bath they're fried, not once, but twice. Creating the ultimate french fry with a golden crunch and a soft delicate center. 


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